007World, Launched Wired-Wireless & Wiretapping-Hidden Detector for Executives

Detector for eavesdropping and hidden camera has been launched, which are easy to carry and can be used by anyone.

You are about to release your post today. Don’t worry about what your blog will look like, “SF-007Ⅱ” released by Public Chilworld (+82-2-718-7127) is the latest portable detector and boasts the best features. This product was developed for the security and security of a company or a company, and for the location and detection of eavesdropping equipment hidden in various places such as indoor tapping, telephone tapping, wireless sneak shot, as well as home or office, automobile, etc. Accurate detection with little malfunction is possible.

In particular, these functions have been applied only to some expensive equipment so far, and can be highlighted as the advantages of SF-007II only. The vibration mode detection function enables stealth detection so that others do not notice it at all. It can be used for a long time because it uses a rechargeable battery.

Accurate Detection without Malfunction

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