►  Analog and Digital bugs                                                                 

► Recorder and spy camera                                                                  

► Find Vehicle tracker                                                                  

► Find remote control bombs                                                                  

► Developed and produced in Korea                                                                     

► Light weight and mini-size                                                            

► Easy operation                                                                

► rechargeable battery

► Formal finder of Woman Safe Sheriff in City Hall of Seoul on 2016

► News broadcast of KBS1 and KBS2 on Aug. 05, 2016

► TV broadcast of various channels like TV Chosun on Aug. 06, 2016

► Newspaper broadcast of Chosun ilbo and Joongang ilbo etc.

The ADF-700H is findable all kinds of the active electric devices like bugs, recorders and spy cameras, it is produced and manufactured in Korea.  

ADF-700H(Active Device Finder) is available for finding Digital Bug, Recorder, Vehicle tracker and spy camera of recordable type for the special use not to be found by the devices from China and Taiwan.   

ADF-700H is usable for a long time which is designed and built-in a rechargeable battery, mini-size and light weight regardless of the place and the time.   So everybody can use ADF-700H.

Model No.

ADF-700H(Activate Device Finder)


Find for spy cameras included in wired/wireless

cameras(Vehicle’s key, lighter and various types

of the clock), wire/wireless bugs and the

vehicle tracker

Display of Find

10 levels of LED bar graph, Beep sound or Silence


70(W) x 130(L) x 30(D) mm(Excluded in Antenna)

Electric Power



320g(included in Antenna)

Total Weight

(With case)

1.26 Kg(included in Aluminum hard case)

case box

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