Audio Recorder & Bugs Suppressor  “RBS-008C”

Product “RBS-008C” is intended to protect the place of negotiation of the funds syoma acoustic information. muted blocked, radio microphones, wired microphones, and most professional digital voice recorders, voice recorders including mobile phones (smartphones). Successfully blocked by professional voice recorders etc.Records are admissible in court as evidence . Product “RBS-008C” in silent mode blocks acoustic channels a group of mobile phones, which have about the device from the emitters. Locking   microphones mobile phones do not depend on their standard operation (GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA, etc.)   and does not affect the reception of incoming calls.
When blocking means removal rate   of speech information in the article is used   ultrasound inaudible interference. The main function of the device – microphone mute eavesdropping and “bugs”. Suppression recorders, as well as jamming recording on a mobile phone is a secondary function of the device, because Not all microphones are exposed to ultrasound interference. Accordingly, not all recording devices are smothered. 
Check the appliance with a recorder smartphone iPhone-4, Samsung Galaxy,   laptop, HTC, Digital voice recorder etc.It’s possible to use the radio microphone with the receiver. Give voice to the room include a voice recorder to record and include the instrument directed towards emitters recorder or radio microphone. Then turn off the device and listen to the recording. 
Conversation are in a low voice, that is an additional guarantee of suppression resources syoma akusticheskoё information.Distance from the article “The RBS-008C” to the negotiating table should not exceed 2 ~ 2.5 meters.At a specified distance blocked recorders, which are hidden in a pocket or covered with cloth. 
Due to multiple   reflections of ultrasonic interference signal covers the entire space of the room area of 15m.If the room is large, then use another one of the same instrument or   other product models “RBS-008W.”If the second device, it is directed to the space under the table.Using an optional instrument mandatory for a large number of participants in the negotiations. 
Blocking acoustic channels a group of mobile phones. All controlled phones have microphones aside emitters products “RBS-008C.” Telephones are located in close proximity to the radiators. In this embodiment, the use of a device with a full guarantee of microphones blocking any and all models of mobile phones.   
Specifications :
Power supply: DC 12V.
Current consumption …………………………….. 1000mA. 
Range blocking   tape recorders,
wire and radio microphones …………………………. 2 – 5 meters.
Angle of emission of ultrasonic interference due to multiple reflections
weakly expressed and is approximately ……. 80 deg.
Product Dimensions …………………. 145 x 85 x 25mm. 

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