Very Low-Noise Audio Recording Jammer  “RBS-008WII”

Second, low-noise recording, eavesdropping protection (prevention) groups
(Very Low-Noise Audio Recording Jammer )

Ultra-low noise recording blocking (prevention) device “RBS-008WII (Under the table Speaker type-speaker type)” is a high-performance blocking (prevention) that prevents (blocks) recording from illegally recording mobile phones, digital recorders, video recording, etc. This is Ki. It is mainly installed under the table, so that it is completely unknown to outsiders in the form of speakers, and it performs much better than the record breaker made in Russia, and unlike the product that imitates it in Korea, it is produced with excellent performance and ultra-low noise. Are being exported.

When used with “RBS-008WII” and ceiling type “RBS-008C”, the best recording prevention (blocking) effect can be seen, and it is designed to be suitable for reception rooms and small meeting rooms.

▪ Mobile phone recording prevention (blocking)
▪Digital voice recorder recording prevention (blocking)
▪Wire / wireless wiretapping prevention (blocking)

Product specification
▪ Product name: Ultra-low noise recording prevention (blocker)
▪Model number: RBS-008WII (speaker type)
▪Prevention method: Ultrasonic method
▪Detection frequency: 23 ~ 25HKz
▪Power used: DC 12V
▪Operation method: On / Off by remote control
▪Product size (Main body): 420 x 285 x 95mm
▪Product weight: Approx. 2.8 Kg
▪Case type: Wood
▪Product color: Main body-black (black)
▪Product interior: RBS-008WII Main body, adapter, remote control, manual

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