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First of all, we hope all the very best wishes to you and your family for the happiness and prosperous. We invite you to explore the dynamic world of 007World’s “Progress and innovation” with safe your lift, company and country. Since our beginning in 1995 as a developer and manufacturer of security devices, 007World has been aggressive in creating our own destiny through the dedications on the best people and state-of-art technologies. In today, we live in the flood of the information. We are always worry about revealing information through internal staff of others. We added value to hundreds of millions of consumers and customers around the world every year by solving their securing safety needs, Observers of 007world will witness a forward-thinking and forward-developing company that to be a safer world for the consumers and customers. Thank you for visiting 007world Co., LTD.

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Handy type hidden camera lens detector

“Molca-X12”-“Lens Detector” for illegal shooting camera is designed as a wider and larger detective view window than all commercially available lens detectors, which frees the detector from the existing single-eye-detection and ensures free activity and action of the detector. It…

Introduction to 007 World Co., Ltd.

Introduce 007 World Co., Ltd. [Introduction to Professional Detector of Hidden Camera] The core of modern companies is information! While we live in a flood of information, we don’t often know the importance of information and how to properly use…

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