Introduction to 007 World Co., Ltd.

Introduce 007 World Co., Ltd.

[Introduction to Professional Detector of Hidden Camera]

The core of modern companies is information! While we live in a flood of information, we don’t often know the importance of information and how to properly use it, or pass it without taking measures to protect it. As you can see in the 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, there can be seen a telecommunications security and information war due to communication. Only when the media pointed out the case and emerged as a social issue, they were busy in taking measures here and there, and they were too tended to ignore it for a while, due to the inconvenient and costly name. Recently, in Korea, communication security companies that recognize this problem are rapidly introducing cheap and high-quality products. There is no place where nothing matters, nothing that matters. It is 007 World, a company that lives in the same age among us in such an environment and constantly prepares, develops and researches and works constantly in the country and society for communication security.

The SF-007 series, developed and marketed by 007 World Co., Ltd., has been already produced in Taiwan by Sursafe 13 years ago, and is still sold in many stores in Korea, but the old method is too hard to detects the latest hidden camera. As it is not possible, we have developed, produced and sold the active device detector “ADF-700H” with our latest technology, and are now exporting to the world. This active device detector – “ADF-700 ″ is the only detector (except ultra-high price detectors) that can detect the latest secret cameras (lighter model, car-key, button type, glasses type, hat type, Bluetooth type, etc.).

In particular, due to the “Women’s Security Guard” system operated by the Women’s Policy Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government, the 25 women’s ward offices have distributed and activated the Active Device Detector-ADF-700H to implement and operate the “Women’s Security Guard” system. It completely complements the tests, advantages, and disadvantages of the product in Seoul Metropolitan Government and a lot of local governments and police stations for detecting hidden cameras.

Recently, a strategic MOU has been implemented for projects with the “National Safety Guard” promoted by the National Safety Promotion Agency, a non-profit corporation affiliated with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Also they agreed to actively cooperate with equipment distribution and education to prevent social victims that women has been suffering from hidden cameras across the country.  

[Equipment Specification]

– Self-recorded hidden camera detection (ball point pen, lighter, car-key, button-type, glasses, hat, etc.)

– Radio hidden camera detection (terminal type, thermal sensing type, etc.)

– Vehicle tracker detection (check performance test by domestic motor company)

– Remote control bomb detection

– Detect bug and camera (steel and video).

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